Zed Montage #34 League of Legends Best Zed Plays 202000:00

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Published on July 27, 2020

“The merest shade of me… is enough to defeat you!” – Zed, League of legends Zed Montage For Zed Mains.

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Hello Friends This Zed Montage Includes Outplays,Pentakill,quadrakill,triplekill. Enjoy watching Zed S10 Montage. See you in the other montages.

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🎵 Music:
► Intro song: https://youtu[.]be/_Na_mA8rUP0
Xaia, Rain Man, Oly – Breakdown [NCS Release]
Mangoo – Happi (ft. bby ivy) [NCS Release]
Jim Yosef – Fall With Me [NCS Release]

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Zed Montage #34 League of Legends Best Zed Plays 2020
LoL Montages

Zed Montage #34 League of Legends Best Zed Plays 2020
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