PACMAN – SUP game console 400 in 100:00

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Published on February 2, 2020

PACMAN – SUP game console 400 in 1

Features & details
★Classic Games— Retro handheld game console built in 400 classic nostalgia games(some are repeated), let you back to your childhood and enjoy family entertainment time.
★Longtime Playing — The battery is rechargeable and in large capacity: 800mAh, Each full charging enable you play up to 5~6 hours.
★Easy to Carry — Ultra slim handheld game console, convenient while on the go or on a trip.
★Best Gift for Your Kids & Friends — It’s the best gift ever when it’s Children’s Day, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries of important events, etc.

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PACMAN – SUP game console 400 in 1
klein and peach adventure

PACMAN – SUP game console 400 in 1
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